Sunday, June 26, 2011

And we are done...


The 'Capital' Against Capitalism conference was a great success, 
and standing room only for the main plenary sessions. 

Thanks to everyone for attending, and those who assisted us to organise the day.
 We particularly want to thank the FBEU for use of their venue.

As we said at the conference yesterday, 
it was a pleasure to organise and we hope this is the first of many.

Jonathon and Elizabeth

 Bronislava Lee, Jean Parker and John Pardy.
 John Pardy, presenting his paper on working class schooling and education.

 The slightly overcrowded second room (during David Lockwood's talk on Marxism and bourgeois revolution, and Mark Steven's paper on the Marx Brothers and the strength of silliness in Marx).

Ben Reid, Humphrey McQueen, Rick Kuhn and Marcus Banks.
Dave Eden, Jonathon Collerson and Nicole Pepperell

Nicole Pepperell presenting work from her forthcoming book on Marx's Capital 
(Brill/Historical Materialism Book Series)